We now offer wheel straightening and crack repair services in Sarasota and surrounding areas. No more waiting for 7 to 10 days while your wheel is shipped elsewhere. In most cases we will have your wheel straightened, refinished, balanced and back on your car in 24 hours.

The Wheel Doctor has a workshop with advanced machinery and a master technician who can repair wheels that in the past, would have only been sold for scrap - all for a fraction of the cost of replacing the rim. Due to low-profile tires, it is extremely easy to crack or bend a rim on a curb or pothole. Our technician can weld and straighten any of these damaged rims.

For curb scrapes and gouges:
Just call us. We’ll be delighted give you a free estimate-we can then fix it on the spot or set up a time that is totally convenient for you. 

We’ll clean the whole wheel and repair the damage with the wheel still on your car. No need to take the wheel off.

We’ll leave you with some follow-up care instructions but you’ll be able to drive that day. 

For bends and cracks:
Just call us. We’ll set up a time for you to come to our Sarasota location. In some instances, we can fix it while you wait. If the damage is more extensive or the repair process a longer one, you can leave the wheel and/or car with us. We have a comfortable, air conditioned waiting room.

We will repair the damage, put the tire back on your wheel, balance the wheel and put it back on your car. 

If you let us know in advance that you would like to have your car detailed while it is at our location then arrangements can be made for that.

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Please call 941-302-RIMS or email us with questions.
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For the final step in the repair - refinishing the front of the wheel - we need to put the tire on. To let you see that these are both the above photos are of the same wheel, we're showing it after the crack has been repaired and the bends straightened, but before the final finishing steps are performed. We wouldn't believe it either unless we could compare the distinguishing marks on the wheel.
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